The Best Android And iPhone Models to Buy in 2017

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The Best Android And iPhone Models to Buy in 2017

Mobile phones have made huge impacts in modern life today and many people prefer to buy them with the latest features. The android and iPhone Smart phones are becoming a huge hit over the recent years because they come with advanced applications enabling the end users to perform like a computer. Even though the costs of some models are an expensive one, most customers want to know more about them before investing money. One can select the best model from the below list for accomplishing goals in life.

IPhone 6S

IPhone 6S is the latest model of Apple that come with various highlights. The 3D touch recently added to the display allows the phone users to enhance their emailing on the home screen with shortcuts. Another important thing is that it gives ways for taking the selfie with a 12 MP rear camera that helps to store high-quality pictures.

 IPhone 6S Plus

IPhone 6S Plus provides more advantages to users than iPhone 6s. The model that is available with a big screen enables a person to play games and watching movies with 3D features. Also, it has an extra large resolution which lets the users view the apps even better. Moreover, the phone has got the longer lasting battery that extends the lifetime of a device.

IPhone 7

IPhone 7 is a new model which features better cameras, attractive color options, redefined design, improved water resistance, and speed processor.

IPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus has everything in a larger handset. The model is a perfect choice for those who want to browse the internet and other things at high speeds.

Samsung S6

Samsung S6 is a touch screen phone model that work on the android platforms. It is available in multiple storage configurations with QHD resolution. The massive rid of settings in the camera lets the users adjust the focus and other things accordingly for getting clear images.

Samsung S6 edge

Samsung S6 edge is a striking handset which comes with 3 GB RAM, better screen resolution, and camera. The curved display technology in the model makes it possible to access the images and other things with high clarity.

Samsung Note 4

Samsung Note 4 phone is touch screen model that comes with powerful components, excellent construction, fantastic screen and outstanding battery life.

How to prevent IPhone models from risks?

The iPhone case is an ideal one for protecting a device from dust, scratches, falling, and bad weather conditions for extending the lifetime. One can order the cases online at discounted prices for saving maximum money.

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