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Why Is Freelance Writing Profession An In-Thing?


Freelance work is plain and simple when and as desired. This is not full-time work where you have to give in a certain number of hours over a period of the month against which you are then compensated in terms of monetary and non-monetary rewards.
Having detailed about the freelance as a job, I will turn my attention to how you can leverage it as a writer. You do assignments as per convenience as opposed to those who work for regular salaries. When you are a freelance writer, you don’t have any associations with the person requesting for work i.e. no contractual obligations.

1.    Hiring is done through the Internet

For a writer often times the workplaces are based at home but they may have to travel to meet potential clients in looking to hire writers. Most of it is practiced online these days, though or through calls. The former is to ascertain for both the parties as to who will they be working with and for what consideration.

2.    No one to boss around

The best part about freelance writing job is that the work is usually without boss or supervisor breathing down on your neck. You can carry on with the task at your own pace. The flexibility in this form of work is what attracts countless people. But make sure you are equipped well in the English language.

3.    Adherence to both personal and professional life

Writing is done in other languages as well but for the sake of generalization, we will stick with theEnglish language as it is an internationally spoken language. So coming back to the topic, those working from home find it relaxing and fun as they get to spend time with family while at the same time get to earna living too.

4.    Turbulence with bliss

There is freedom in freelance writing work but it is not without limitations. Not everyone can become a writer. You need to have an excellent command of the language you are choosing to write in. its grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, formal and informal words etc.
On the flip side, aclient seeking some form of content written have to provide assurances that the protection against intellectual property theft of writers will be upheld, at all times because although there are no laws governing freelance practices but ethically it is unfair to reveal the name of the writer, not without prior consent. Another benefit, your profile is kept secure from the general public’s eye.

5.    Control of coursework and/or schedule

The writer gets to choose the number of working hours he is willing to spend for the writing task plus the topic he’d be willing to write on. The diversity for the writer is huge as he’s got multiple subject areas to choose from such as medicine, business, law, statistics, and finance in addition to others.  Hence, a lot of variety to write on. A writer can take his pick from the list of available topics.

6.    How can quality be advantageous?

The selection bit is important because knowledge and expertise vary from individual to individual and thus, it is imperative a selection based on one’s strongest suit is bound to generate quality content. Writers are often gripped with producing a pre-defined number of words but good writers tend to value quality over quantity. If the quality is impeccable, room for the word count may be adjusted for by the client.
Any deadline related queries from the client’s side can be relayed over an official line by the writer as to when the order will be finalized.

7. Money’s always the real driver 

Another attraction is the competitive payout. You can buy coursework help online. When you are working full-time, you are normally underpaid for the hours and days of the week you have spent but doing the same job from the confines of your home is a whole new level.

8.    Mood swings? No problem but patience is your real friend

You are bored at home or don’t feel like working? Carry your laptop to a beach perhaps and work from there. But remember to observe patience, if you are just starting out as a writer you have to be willing to work for a very nominal fee or may be free just to build your portfolio.
Online work does not come easy. It is a pool everybody is eyeing in the current age and day. What you need as a writer is a standout freelancer profile. You need to be able to showcase your work over at your profile. The clients should have left you a rating from which you can leverage and charge as per your demand.

9.    Creative profession

Know this, writing is a respectable and in-demand profession. So be brave enough to take the risk for free when starting out but deliver a compelling work and earn ratings and you will observe the orders will start pouring in.
Point being, consider this as your business. Businesses don’t start paying off right away but with careful scheduled time and investment it can turn out to be a winner. For a writer, this is a creative job and creativity is ararity and the best part is, we all inherit it but only a few of us dare to put it to work.


Down the road, if you were to operate a business of your own, freelancing& that too writing would have provided you with sufficient business acumen and the art of traversing bumpy roads.

Author Bio:

Dominic Lester is a teacher by profession but is also a tech nerd. He has been in the teaching profession for long and has seen the ways education has transformed from traditional to more computerized methods. You can follow him for updates on his social media channels.

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