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6 types of pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi for job applicants - 2017

Pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi and many other regions around the world is a critical process executed before hiring applicants. Employers are responsible to conduct the screening in their supervision however due to increased work pressure and nature of tasks nowadays, the evaluation process is often outsourced to an intermediate organisation that specialises in applicant screening.
Purpose of investigations is to uncover potential character and corporate flaws, criminal intentions that may prove severely disruptive for the entire organisation in terms of reputation, endangering staff or even limit candidate’s effectiveness. Pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi determines if employee(s) can be trusted to manage financial resources and safeguard confidential corporate details. Have a look at different types of screening tests below;
  • Criminal background check
Many countries have predefined laws on how criminal information can be exploited to evaluate potential candidates. Renowned law enforcement agencies cater their assistance to corporations on investigating applicant’s background whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Social security number monitoring & drug test
The social security number tracing is a method to verify legitimacy of the public security details used for criminal and credit checks.
Whereas employers are responsible to ask all applicants to undergo drug testing of which the method may vary from a state to another.
Drug testing nowadays is a common practice to ascertain employees and applicants reliability. This is important to circumvent certain workplace injuries and ensure all hiring are productive as desired.
  • Lie detector or polygraph test
Not all employers and organisations are permitted to perform polygraph test under the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. However, businesses that cater to armoured car services, security guards, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical goodsmay undergo lie detector test for the safety of all. This is also a part of pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi especially companies serving the security niche.
  • Worker’s compensation claims & credit history
Appeals are accessible to public and used for employment purposes if they’re able to prove a potential injury that can jeopardise a candidate to perform his duties.Credit history simply determines the financial strength and trustworthiness of the applicant and its impact on overall organisational culture as well as employee behaviour. Utility bills, rental history, bank statements and credit card details all are sufficient enough to perform a thorough credit check.
  • Gender-based harassment registry screening
It’s important for employers to avoid hiring individuals posing a certain threat to workplace individuals and organisation’s reputation on the basis of gender-based harassment or discrimination. This may compromise credibility to a great extent whereas records of all such offenses are filed in federal registries and archived at law enforcement agencies.
  • Skill or personality assessment
All such tests evaluate an applicant on the basis of his educational and workplace expertise as listed in the resume that should match with the position or designation. Tests may include editing, writing, multiple-choice questions, technical skills, programming and more. This is yet another important part of pre-employment screening in Abu Dhabi.

Listed above are a few common pre-employment evaluation tests conducted to hire a perfect-fit and worthy employee.

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