Current Technology Trends to Look Out

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Current Technology Trends to Look Out

It seems like there is a race going on between the population of the world and increasing development in the technology. Now and then, the world witnesses the new developments in the technology either in the form of any new smartphone features or the new uses of graphene. It looks like the entire world is investing most of its capital in the advancement of the technology because they know that technology is the way to move forward and only by getting technological superiority over the rivals, a country, company or an individual can win in the world. That is why every year comes up with new advancements and trends in technology for us which not only make our lives easier but also opens the new doors of opportunities.

In this article, I have compiled some of the current technology trends that you should know about this year so you can build a better life around it. 

Intelligent AI:

AI or Artificial Intelligence is now not a new phenomenon in the world. The only thing which is new in it this year is its intelligence. By the time passes and investments made by different bodies, AI is getting more advanced. From working just like a Chatbots, AI has now become one of the main components of the success of many modern machines. Companies are not only using it in the manufacturing of their products, but they are also using it to improve their products by solving the problems through Artificial Intelligence.
Recently the AI has so much developed that the banks are using it for the model current real time transactions. Moreover, AI is also helping the banks in the predictive model of transactions which based on the likelihood of being fraudulent.

Intelligent Apps:

Virtual personal assistants (VPAs) and many other apps like this are considered to be intelligent apps. The reason behind this is that they have the potential to make the everyday task easier by making the users more effective. Moreover, intelligent apps are not helping the companies digitally. Every existing software category despite its applications are getting infused with AI enabled intelligent apps. These AI enabled intelligent apps provider’s focuses on three different areas.

Intelligent Devices:

There are three major categories in Intelligent Devices, robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. Robots are in the limelight for many years thanks to the Japanese who are trying their hard to make any breakthrough that is why it has become a trend too because other countries are investing in it. Drones however in the use of the militaries and security intelligence but now it has become a major part in the entertainment and TV broadcastings. However, the autonomous car is associated with the advancements in robotic and drone technology because its mechanism is somewhat related to the both of the technologies. But since the Ford Motor Co. has announced that they are developing a fully automotive car which would not need any driver, this has become a trend in other automobile companies too.

Augmented and Virtual Reality:

The line of difference is between the physical and digital world is getting thinner and thinner that is creating new opportunities to the business who are registered digitally and the main reason for this creation if Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. Virtual reality is transforming the ways of interactions and contact. The use of this technology is exploring new fields and areas every day. Once the use of this technology was only limited to the flight and aviation simulations but now it is getting easier to access for the masses, and everyone is buying it for the different purposes like gaming and watching movies. It could be your private theater, but it has a lot of things in it.

On Demand things:

Thanks to the smartphone apps like the Uber, from which you can call the cab just by using your cell anytime anywhere, people are getting accustomed to the on demand things. Moreover, the trend of startups and incubations in the world are just making human to rely on their smartphones entirely. Therefore, because the companies are enterprises know this trend in the market, they are investing more in the new ideas this year. The first three months of 2017 have produced many startups incubations. In result, we are getting new apps that are helping us to do our normal day routines on the taps of the smartphones.

The Internet of thing (IoT):

Another thing which is not new in trend but because of the advancement in this, its trend is continuing this year. We all are exposed to this every day but still most of don’t know about this. The internet of things is a phenomenon that allows our everyday household devices to enjoy the internet and connect with each other. One of the most common examples of the IoT is the home security system which we can even control by sitting in the different part of the world. However this phenomenon is not so common in developing countries but by watching it in different sci-fi movies, the companies and enterprises around the world are introducing this system in their countries. That is why I include it in my trending chart.

Voice Searching:

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just added the better voice searching navigations in its smartphone. This shows that how much the voice searching is going to play his role in the future of navigation. The world has moved ahead from pressing buttons to touching screens for the navigation. And now they have the liberty of just saying the things and get what they want. A word from the horse’s mouth from Samsung is that they had included the most advanced form of voice recognition system in their phone which not only do as the user say but also recognize the voice of its owner.

Wearable tech:

Despite the failure of Google Glass, Google and many other companies haven’t stopped investing in the wearable tech devices. From watches to the health monitors, devices are getting small and are molding in a way that anyone could wear them. Google Glass was not a technological fail, but the idea of that technology failed. That is why Google hasn’t stopped and it is all set for launching its new wearable device called Google Hat. However, the details of this wearable tech are still hidden so saying anything about it will be just predictions.

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