How to Choose the Laptop ?

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How to Choose the Laptop ?

Laptops are the basic necessity now a days, any work seems to be impossible without owning a laptop. When you need to buy a new machine it is very hard to decide which machine to buy, because there is so much variety in the market. There are so many companies competing and so many different models  available that we get confused in our own options. Here are few tips to consider while buying a laptop:

How much is your computer use?

Firstly you ought to know that how much are you going to use your machine. And if you need it for business purpose, regular use, gaming, development or for any other purpose.
You need to know that if you need your laptop for light use, professional use, multitasking or what?

Light use:

Light use is defined as like simple web surfing, e-mailing, social networking, movies, music etc.

Professional use:
If you are an information technology person, or software or computer engineer you need a computer which you can put to the professional use. Which hardware is compatible to your requirements? Multitasking with multiple tabs and programs, sophisticated graphics, development etc.

Is portability important to you?

Portability is an important thing nowadays. We all need our machines somehow and most of the time everywhere. Is your laptop easy to carry? Is it light weight? Does it has all the basic functions you need for it to have? Does it have CD drive? Laptops generally have 3 categories:

3 lbs. or less:
Laptops weighing 3lbs or less are suitable for the students and travelers, which can perform basic features like storing, e-mailing, web surfing etc.

4-5 lbs:
This midrange kind provides a steadiness between power and portability, great for users who occasionally work from coffee shops or airports.

6 lbs. or more:

These workhorses provide powerful processing, and larger screen, ideal for gamers and professionals, who infrequently use their laptops away from their desks.

Processor is the most important feature of a laptop and before buying a laptop you should definitely know right about your machine’s processor. Processor determines the speed of your laptop, how complex software’s you can run on your machine, how many programs you can open at the same time. Most machines features Intel’s processors.

Core i7:

Core i7 is the Intel’s most consumed processor and it is the first preference of the hardcore gamers, graphic designers, photographers and video graphy. It provides serious multitasking goals and high end performance and high demand multi-media creation for the developments.

Core i5:

It is the most commonly used processor by Intel now a days, and is mid-level processor. It is fully packed for high performance tasks and provide you good competence with your needs.

Look and feel of your laptop?

Laptop’s look and feel to you is a very important thing. Make sure that the keyboard's spacing and depth allow for comfortable typing.

Operating system:

Latest and efficient OS plays an important role in the performance of laptop.

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