How to Find Best Keywords with the Free Topvisor Magnet Tool

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How to Find Best Keywords with the Free Topvisor Magnet Tool

 Over the years, the SEO industry is on a gradual increase that makes it absolutely important to include the target keywords for your blogs. Without having powerful keywords, your blog may get lost on the internet with thousands of others website.
However, there is nothing new in finding the most searched keywords for the website. We all have probably done it many times and you know all the things about it. The majority of you may have already used the Google Search Console for managing your website, but you have you thought about using it for finding the target keywords. The Topvisor magnet tool is an excellent feature that helps to find those keywords from Google Analytics and different links that can bring traffic to your website. 

Detecting the hidden keywords
The search queries compatible to your blog or website are stored by the Google Search Console. An average position for your website is displayed by Google for each and every keyword. The Topvisor Magnet Tool is an excellent tool that is designed for pulling the compatible keywords from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It assists in managing the search related queries such as group, sort, export and import.
In this article, we will tell you how to use the Topvisor Magnet Tool for finding strong keywords. You need to follow these steps for finding powerful keywords using the Topvisor Magnet tool:
•    Uploading a set of keywords to the interface of Topvisor
You will be allowed to find out the search queries that you’ve missed by uploading the keywords. That means you shouldn’t miss even a single keyword. The import of the keywords on Topvisor is absolutely free and you can upload as many as you want.

•    Starting the Topvisor Magnet Tool
Now, you should join your Topvisor profile with the Google Search Console and then move it to the Magnet tool. All the keywords will be illustrated by the tool over the selected span of time. You should require to set the limit to 30 days. For displaying the keywords that you miss in your project, you have to click on a round button in the top-left corner of the screen.

•    Selecting keywords that fall between 20th and 40th position in the ranking
There is a greater chance that the list of missing keywords won’t reveal any of the keywords that rank in top ten. However, there can be some shadow keywords that have a good rank. You should use them to foster your SEO rankings. Selecting them and importing them to a different group is a great idea.

•    Analyzing the keyword places for detecting the accurate rankings
Only an average position of the website is revealed by the Google Search Console over a span of time. You shouldn’t fully depend only on the off chances. That’s why you require to determine the correct rankings of the keyword. You can either do it manually or use a Topvisor Rank tracker whose price begins from $0.003 per keyword.

•    Select only those keywords that rank 20th to 40th position
If you become successful in tracking the rankings on the interface of Topvisor, then there is a strong chance that you might be able in sorting out the needed keywords with the use of a built-in filter. All the unnecessary keywords should be either deleted or moved to another group. Now, you should only put your target on the keywords that you have selected.

•    Addition of optimized content to the pages of your website
So, you have come to that keywords list which you have never targeted before. However, the rank of your website for these keywords is very good and now it is time to make it rank perfectly. All you required is to sum up some high-quality content that is compatible with the pages of your website.

In addition to being one of the best cost-effective methods to quickly foster your keyword rankings, the Topvisor Magnet tool is also one of the cheapest to do this job. You should sign up free to this excellent tool and try it. If you have any suggestion related to this article, then feel free to comment below.

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