Mango Facts and Health Benefits

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Mango Facts and Health Benefits

Mango is a delicious and tasty fruit that eats by everyone. It’s also a King of Fruits family. This fruit help to fight with cancer, weight loss, diabetes, digestion and clean your skin. There are many different kinds of mangos that are different shape, color and taste. Mango has been part of our diet at the accident time and also this fruit know as the “king of Fruits”.
Mango is a one of the most popular and delicious fruits all over the world. This fruit is available 2000+ varieties all over the world. This fruit is a national fruit for many countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines. India and China are one of the top mango producer countries.
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Here are many reasons you can include one mango in your daily diet.

Fight Cancer
A mango contains polyphones, terpenoids and carotenoids. This nutrition’s are responsible for preventing cancer. According to the Taxes study 2010, Mango contains unique antioxidants that’s are absent in other fruits. This property helps to fight with breast cancer and other tumor cells as well

Resource:  Taxes Study 2010

Prevent Heart Diseases
Mango has many properties that are helping to reduce Body Fat and control blood sugar. Mango is a rich source of Beta-Carotene, this antioxidant helps to control free radical that causes heart disease.
Help Lower Cholesterol

Your body needs cholesterol but high cholesterol can increase your risk of Heart diseases. But mango contains pectin that’s help to lower your cholesterol. For many studies that prove it helps to decrease the cholesterol Level.  

Treat Diabetes
According to the research, If you have eaten a half fresh mango between 12 weeks of the period. In a result, you have decreased the level of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose. 

Eye Care
Mango has rich with vitamin A. If you eat one slice of a mango in your daily eats that fulfill your daily vitamin A needs. Vitamin A is a good for your eyesight, dry eyes and also prevents night blindness. 

Clean Skin
Mango work internally and externally to the skin. Mango helps to clear black dots and eliminates pimples on your face. This fruit also helps to protect your skin from Sun harmful UV rays.

Promote Healthy Sex
Mango is a great source of Vitamin A and E. Vitamin E has a great connection with your sex. Vitamin E is also helps to balance your body Harmon. 

Improve digestion
Many of us know that a papaya is a one of the most popular fruits that contains enzymes for breaking down protein. But there are various fruits that’s contained enzymes including mangoes. The fiber in the mango helps to improve your digestion and elimination.

Boost the Immune System
Mango contains 25 different kinds of carotenoids to keep your immune system strong and healthy. Mango contains 105 calories, 76% vitamin C, 26% vitamin A, 9% healthy fibers  and 4% magnesium.

Reducing Kidney Stones

In China, Mangos are considered sweet and sour with cooling energy that helps to reduce the risk of Kidney stone formation.

There are lot of health benefits if you eat mango daily. By the way you can include a mango in your diet and stay healthy and fit. 

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