Tips To Nurture the Customer Interaction via Live Chat Support

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Tips To Nurture the Customer Interaction via Live Chat Support

Live chat is here to stay and for a good reason! Who doesn’t want instant resolutions to queries? Yet, many businesses are overlooking the boons of live chat for website conversion rates.Some researches claim that live chat affects 38% of online purchases.And, 62% of the customersusing live chat statedthat they would be looking forward to buyingagain from the retailers who provided the live chat service.
The power of live chat is no magic; the human interaction provided by live chat plays a crucial role in closing a sale. To put his simple, your customers want instant solutions along with a feel of reassurance and live chat get this covered!
Believe it or not, your customer would never want to be put on hold. Listening to an automated operator or the hold music is utterly infuriating. It is very difficult to convince an angry customer when the only thing they see is a computer screen. This is where live chat comes to the rescue; it allows support agents to help alleviate the sense of uncertainty—your customer would have—by providing reassurance about the product they are going to purchase. 

Here are some of the truest and most tried tips that can give you headstart with a live chat.

1.    Reach them before they do:
Don’t wait for your customers to start the chat. You need to identify the customers that may need your help and pop up your chat window for them; making them feel there’s someone they can discuss the encountered issue. Even if they turn down your invitation to chat, there’s no need to get disheartened. Just being available for interaction gives a sense of goodwill.
Let the customer browse the website before giving him the chat invitation. This will give them enough time to scrutiny your services before getting interrupted.

2.    Use pre-written messages in certain cases
Using canned message is a good initiative when you don’t want to type out long standard messages again and again. You can use such messages to greet your customers or explain your services or product.
It would be great to use carefully phrased messages that are pre-written in order to automate parts of your interaction. Be cautious when using such messages as the frequent use of canned messages can give a feel that your customers are talking to a machine instead of a real person.

3.    Provide customers with chat history

Keep a record of the valuable information you delivered on chat so that your customers can get it stored. Some people don’t record every conversation, so this information can easily get missed.

4.    Pre-chat surveys are your best friends
When your website visitors start a chat session, you can engage with pre-chat surveys to extract some preliminary information from them. These pre-chat surveys will organize the chat and give it a proper direction. You can ask for their name and a brief description of what they’re searching for. Getting these chunks of information beforehand can prepare the chat agent to answer the customer’s concern before even starting the chat.

5.    Accept chat requests automatically
Customers are always in a hurry and they are not going to wait for your response. Once a customer starts a conversation, make sure that your system accepts the chat automatically and acknowledge that a chat outsource agent is going to respond to their queries right away. This will give an impression that there is someone to hear the concerns.

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