3 Types of Stressors a Student might encounter in College Life

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3 Types of Stressors a Student might encounter in College Life

College life consists of pleasant and unpleasant memories. Life consists of various phases and educational phases are the most determining and defining phases of students’ lives. College phase is reckoned as the most remarkable one. Student learns from experiences of his educational life. He encounters various stressors in college life which shapes his personality. Sometimes, a student is not able to efficiently deal with these stressors which could affect his educational progress as well. 3 types of stressors a student might encounter in college life are presented in this article.

1.    Educational Stressors
Educational stressors are the most common stressors a student might encounter in college life. The educational shift from high school to college is always difficult to handle in first few months of college life. Student might feel incapable to deal with advanced level studies and his grades are also affected in initial months of college. Hard work and proper time management skills are helpful in dealing with educational pressure of college. When students get command on difficult subjects, their grades are also improved and they restore their self-esteem and work harder to further improve their academic performance.  Students must bear this in mind that advanced educational levels are always difficult but not impossible to master with hard work.

2.    Emotional/Psychological Stressors

College students are in the most critical phase of their lives. They are growing and their emotional needs are also changing. They demand care and inspiration from their parents and teachers. If they are not getting any guidance from parents or teachers, they might get wayward emotionally and their psychological health is also affected by this. Guidance can help fight with their fears of failure and feelings of inadequacies. The cause for emotional/psychological stressors could be educational pressure which they are unable to deal with efficiently and resultantly they develop anxiety, depression and apprehensions. Parents must be vigilant towards the changed behavior of their children and counsel them if they are having emotional/psychological issues.

3.    Environmental Stressors

The changed environment of college is also not readily accepted by students. They are not used to the new environment and sometimes they are not able to deal with this sudden changed environment in a healthy way. They remain preoccupied with school memories and don’t take interest in their college studies. They miss their old friends, teachers and schools and are not attentive in their classrooms which affect their educational progress. Environmental stressors can be minimized by making new friends and discussing study related problems with them. When students keep themselves busy in new environment of college, they will not get time to over think about the school life and it is also useful for their education and mental growth as well.
These are some of the common stressors a student might encounter in college life. But, optimism and guidance from parents and teachers has proven to be advantageous in overpowering these stressors and they might score good grades by working hard to keep up with advanced study level. 

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Jimmy Bond, an Education Counselor, a Tutor and a Writer who can you do my assignment writes on students’ issues in academics. He’s a regular contributor to e-magazines.

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