4 Thrilling Upcoming Technological Advancements to Wait For

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4 Thrilling Upcoming Technological Advancements to Wait For

It is not hard to predict the upcoming technological advancements. The scientists and engineers are working hard in almost every tech related field to find the ways through which they can enter into the next generation of technology. The technology which is now present is enough to make us astonish. However, there is always something on the horizon which keep ourselves on the edge of the seats.
The curiosity of finding the future of technology is the same which make you click this link and making you read the second paragraph of this article. By not making you wait any further, let’s have a look the four thrilling upcoming technological advancements to wait for.

1.    Machine Learning:

Machine learning has taken a big stride forward in the recent years. However, we have only seen a limited range of applications of machine learning in our life. Machine learning has already made some buzz around the business circuits however machine learning and artificial intelligence is still considered to be the highest level of technological advancements. Though the scientists and engineers have something else to say. They believe that we are still on the first step of understanding the potential of the machine learning and artificial learning. The technologies like the internet of things (IoT) is just the first product that we have got so far from the first step.
Not only the businesses but now the hospitals are also taking an interest in the machine learning. Moreover, some programmers have already built an algorithm which can tell that when the patient is going to need the treatment again while the patient is getting discharged from his first trip. That is why machine learning is in my list of the four upcoming technological wonders that I am waiting for.

2.    Big-Data:

The artificial intelligence, machine learning or the internet of things, all are useless without the big data. That is why the coders are working on the efficient generation of big data on which the AI and machine learning can find its pattern to predict the things. The more qualitative big data would be, the better AI and machine learning can work. Quantitative and numerical foundation are the two biggest strength of the big data. However, with the help of humanized big data, we can see the development of more empathetic and qualitative bits of data which could get save in the more visualize and accessible way.

3.    Physical Digital integration:

With the help of smartphones, companies are slowly adding technology in our daily lives. Not only for commercial purposes, but also for the marketing purposes too. This increase in contact of digital and human being constructed a new term which is physical, digital integration. With the recent development done by the big digital and brick and mortar shopping brands, the physical, digital integration is showing strong promise for the future. With the upcoming projects like Amazon Go, Dash Button and other Walmart initiatives, the things are looking good for the physical, digital integration, and we can see the more use of digital technology in our daily lives.

4.    Use of graphene in batteries:

One of the most annoying thing in the tech devices is waiting for their charging. But that is not going to take long. The graphene which is a stronger, more flexible and better than silicon has now become the most used particle in tech devices, and now the companies are going to use it in the batteries. Recently a Chinese Company named DongxuOptaelectronics has developed a graphene-based battery of 4800mAh which can get charged in just 15 minutes. Imagine having this battery in your iPhone! How much the battery with such quick charging capability can change the entire scenario of technical devices is a question which is still to be answered. Surely a technological advancement to watch.

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Salena Kyle is a Master in Literature from Stanford University and pursuing her career in blogging and academic writing in which she also gives coursework help to students in need. Her favorite niche of writing is technology and science.


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  2. Machine learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn" with data, without being explicitly programmed. The name machine learning was coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel.