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Affordable (And Truly Beautiful) Cities in Europe That You Can Go Right Now

You must have a desire to go out of your city or your country and roam around those places that are located on the outskirts of other countries. It is a desire that enlivens in everyone’s heart but most of them give up on it, considering the rates of traveling. Thus, we have compiled a list of affordable cities in Europe that you can go right now. Have a look:

Seville, Spain
One of the most affordable cities in Europe that you can go right now is Seville, located in Spain. It is known as the birthplace of Flamenco and the interesting part about this place that even in this passionate city, you can spend a day in a comfortable setting just at the cost of $30 on Airbnb. This comfortable setting even includes a double-sized bed along with other comforts. It will help you save a lot of money by providing you all the comforts and luxuries at an affordable rate. It even gives you an opportunity to enjoy Flamenco dancing for free at bars like La Carbonería or El Palacio Andaluz. Now you don't have to go to US or your hometown to watch Flamenco dancing by paying an enormous amount of money thanks to Seville that knows the art of welcoming the guests. If you get time in April, you can also go to one of the grand festival of Seville, ‘Feria de Abril'. It will give you an insight about the hospitality and passion of Spaniards.

Porto, Portugal

One of the other affordable and truly beautiful cities of Europe is Porto, located in Portugal. The best part about Porto is that accommodations in this city are priced locally which makes them even more affordable. Therefore, a decent double bedroom in this city costs you less than $20. In this city, you will be able to see the historical side of the Europe. Since this is considered as the second largest city of Portugal where the heritage of the world is preserved as UNESCO listed in 1996, so you will also get to travel on the outskirts of Portugal. You will be able to visit Porto Cathedrals, Ponte de Dom Luis I bridge that makes you get the best views over Porto, and of course, the bewitching sight of a beautifully painted São Bento Railway Station that inaugurated in the 20th century. The best part is that they all are free. Even this city allows you to get wine from the world's top wine destination, you just have to pay $3USD to try their local port wine.

Berlin, Germany

One of the other affordable and truly beautiful cities in Europe that you can go right now is Berlin, Germany. Whether you believe it or not, but it is actually not that expensive to roam around in the city of Germany. You can very easily get a comfortable two-person bedroom for less than $25 on Airbnb and dinner out in average restaurants or beer halls for around $8-16. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a trip at an affordable rate, you can think of going to Germany.

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