7 Apps Helping Businesses Stay Organized This Year

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7 Apps Helping Businesses Stay Organized This Year

One of the key signs of a disorganized business is having a feeling like there is never enough time during the day to get things done. Such situations can take a toll on your productivity and ultimately reduce profit margins. Here are the top seven apps that can help you stay organized this year.

My Nu Skin

My Nu Skin app is a product of Nu Skin Enterprises. For Nu Skin sales leaders, it has helpful tools to manage their business locally and remotely with a simple dashboard that lets them view personalized metrics and key data at a glance. They can closely monitor important business activities, form a to-do list and track the latest shipments and orders. The My Nu Skin app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.


Proven helps your business to organize its hiring activities. You can post all your job listings to several platforms with a single click on a smartphone. It also allows you to sort out the job responses in a few minutes. You can categorize the responses into yes or no buckets. This app is an ideal choice for businesses that constantly hire or those that have several tasks and need to save time when hiring. It is free to download on both iOS and Android devices.


Evernote is good for those who like to check tasks off their list after completing them. It has a simple interface and a lot of features to enhance your experience. You can use it to capture notes during meetings, take pictures, record reminders and create a to-do lists. It also has tools that allow you to share content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is free and available for Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.


Businesses that have constant workflow problems can benefit from this app. It tracks and organizes your team’s workflow to increase productivity and get rid of elements that cause delays and interruptions. Each card you create indicates a task or assignment in progress. You can add members, customer comments and attachments from Google Drive or your personal computer. The business version costs $9.99 every month. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


CloudMagic recently won a Webby award for the best visual design. It has a system that synchronizes together all your emails from every device you have. It collects and repackages the emails into a format that is easy to read. It also has an effective search function that allows you to filter through junk emails faster. A business that usually backtracks customers’ budget quotes may find this app useful. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.


KanbanFlow is a web-based app that allows managers to assign tasks, upload documents and set deadlines. It is free and works on all smartphones, PCs and Macs. It costs about $5 per month. It has features such as flowcharts, file attachments and revision histories.


Asana is another email app that has made strides in the business world. It currently has over 500,000 subscribers and about one million downloads. It is designed to help you cut down on emails by keeping tasks and conversations all in the same place. It also allows you to keep track of people’s work schedules, propose ideas and set deadlines, all on one platform.

It is imperative that you adopt an organized culture in your business if you want to increase productivity and profit margins, and one of the apps discussed above may help you organize and streamline your business processes. Most of them are free, and all of them are incredibly effective.

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