A Short Guide On Development Study In United Kingdom

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A Short Guide On Development Study In United Kingdom

Out of many fields of academic studies, the Development Study is a relatively young when it comes to advance studies. The term “Development Study” was not in use before the era of World War 2. It all started happening after the World War 2 and during the decolonization process in the 1950s and 1960s. The countries which got the independence in the result of World War 2 needed some people who can help them in sustaining their independence. So the universities of that era decided to start an academic program with the name of Development Study which can help the nation to build their countries and sought policy prescriptions to run all the economic activities.


The Development Study is the branch of Social Science. Since its introduction on the mainstream level, many universities worldwide is now offering this course as the specialized master’s degree. Moreover, many top-notch universities in the world also offer it as an undergraduate program so the student can make it their full-time profession. Launched in the 1950s and 1960s, this academic field took 30 years to get itself as an important field for the students and become popular in the early 90s. The Development Study has been widely taught and researched in the third world countries because most of these countries had been the part of the British rule or have some colonial history. Since the Development Study is the product of the decolonization process, then it makes it directly linked to the UK and UK is the country where Development Study originated.

There are many organizational bodies where the students of Development Study can make their careers. International bodies like United Nations, World Bank, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other private sector development companies or organizations are the places where the students of Development Study can provide their services.

What can you do with this degree?

As I mentioned that the people with the degree in Development Study could work in the above organization. Now discuss it further on the individual role in the different kinds of organizations.

•    Non-Governmental aid organizations: getting a job in the NGOs or aid organizations can give you a chance to work on the development projects in the third world countries. Moreover, you can also work in the western countries in the running campaigns, lobbying, raising money and development of the education. For example, working in the organization like Amnesty International can be your career path after getting the degree in Development Study.

•    International Development Institutions: another benefit of having a degree in the Development Study is that you can get a chance to get the job in the organizations like United Nations and the World Bank. In these firms, your responsibilities would be to deal with the representatives of the countries or to be the part of any international team from the UN or World Bank like AusAid.

•    Government Policy: you can also get the chance to be the part of the public service departments and involved in all levels of developing policies and programs regarding different activities.

•    Consultancy: there is also freelancing in the Development Study. You can also provide your services as a kind of freelance expert for the various organizations on various projects and can earn your living without working under any organizations.

Outcomes of studying development studies:

Not only getting a job in the most reputable organizations in the world, but there are also other benefits too like enhancement of the knowledge and intelligence. 

•    By enrolling in the Development Study program, you will be able to acquire the critical understanding of the limits of any single discipline. 

•    You will be able to interpret the complex development problems by appreciating the roles of historical, social and political analysis of any country or the subject with which you are working on.

•    It teaches the student to work on the development perspective on the factors which influence the development in developing countries.

•    Understanding the developing countries is one of the most important aspects of the Development Study. That is why this degree allows you to learn and understand the concepts and theories of the development in developing countries or the third world countries.

•    This degree program makes you aware of the agendas, actors and actions that characterize development and teach the ability to transform the understanding according to different countries.

•    This is an only degree program which equips the student with necessary knowledge and skills to engage with the development issues and all those factors that relate to it.

•    It is the only degree program which trains its students to find the solutions to all the problems which is stopping the third world countries to get them out from all the miseries and misogynies of that every third world country has in this era.

•    It prepares the students to work in the environment in which the heads and presidents of the countries work and teaches them how to communicate with such dignitaries.

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