How a Business Can Reduce its Operating Costs through Live Chat

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How a Business Can Reduce its Operating Costs through Live Chat

Running an established business also sometimes requires the owner to jump back to the fundamentals: more income, less expense. No matter how much brilliant your product or service is performing in the global industry, but excessive spending on the operating costs will most probably earn you critically low, or even no profits at all.
This is where live chat comes in! A powerful tool companies use to reduce their soaring operating costs pertaining to support and even marketing aspects. An Aberdeen Group Report stated companies that use live chat in their processes successfully save about 50% and above from support expenses as compared to other methods.
So let’s examine how exactly the use of powerful live chat tools can contain and decrease your operating costs.

1.    Quick resolutions and less callbacks
Consider the following scenario:
You’re a live chat agent dealing with online learning solutions, while a user calls and inquires on how to enroll in a particular online course. On a traditional phone support, you will guide the user through a step-by-step process that will be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention the costly phone units and man-hour expenses.

However, if the same user is catered through a live chat feature, the process would be gone through much quickly and effectively. Using a powerful website chat software allows you to direct different articles, documents, or a knowledge base link to the user.

Top software’s are able to send a plethora of documents all within a couple of clicks. By successfully sending the required information to the user, the need for a phone support is practically over. The process is also effective in helping the user retaining the information acquired over the live chat. This won’t bother the user to call you back over and over for clarifying a particular step.

2.    Ideal for remote workers/freelancers

Almost every business in the world, especially internet and digital marketing companies need to provide a 24/7 access to its customer base. This is one of the most critical concerns as not all agents are willing to work extended hours or in irregular shifts.
While live chat software’s developed at the hands of experienced developers run seamlessly across a variety of mobile phones and other gadgets. This allows the agents to stay connected with users without being system-dependent. Businesses can use this convenience and flexibilityto outsource their live chat operations to professionals working on freelance or remote basis.

3.    A cheaper alternate to phone support

Irrespective of the costly toll-free calls, a considerable number of American companies take is as the preferred customer support choice. On the other hand, the gaining popularity of live chat software’s is quite evident.
One of the biggest benefits of using live chat for your business is: it is cheaper than the traditional support approach due to two major reasons. First, live chat rates are considerably lower than the toll free numbers. Second, unlike call support agents, live chat experts are able to answer multiple clients at the same time.
However, you may find a few experienced and fluent phone agents being capable of talking to two or three people at the same time. But given the patience level of audience, obviously no one would like to wait on call for a few minutes. On the other hand, even an average live chat agent is able to acknowledge around 2 to 3 users at the same time. Saving time eventually results in the customer support team saving an ample budget for the company.

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