How to Protect your teen from Traffickers with Spymaster Pro?

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How to Protect your teen from Traffickers with Spymaster Pro?

Fear has always been there throughout the parenting community regarding the dangers of teen sex trafficking, but, in the last couple of years, this has augmented at an alarming rate. Thanks, to the emergence of social media platforms such as the Facebook, which is not only bridging humans every nook and corner of this planet, also facilitating the tech-savvy criminals to expand their trade. Every day, we stumble upon stories shared by parents, over social media channels, online news portal, or even in the print media, elaborating how teens are emotionally (or physically harassed) groomed by sex predators and traffickers. No study, survey, or a report, however, can come up with the exact figure of how many teens get trafficked year, since, sex trafficking is often hidden crime, and statics mostly likely to be under-estimated.

Adolescents are often trapped by traffickers as they are deemed easier to steer their mind than adults. Boys, who are in their sixteen or eighteen, can effortlessly be exploited in lure of sex, especially the virgins.  While, the young girls just need cash, like offering a part time hassle, gifts, monetary pampering them in any form. Also, many cases were reported in the United Kingdom, where some of the young girls were injected with hormones to crop up puberty; since they have a greater sex earning potential. Furthermore, the number of those teens who have escaped or rescued by a government agency is quite minimal.

As parents, the above might have triggered waves of parental concerns, down the spine, but don’t worry, there is one way to parent in this culture of fear, that goes by the name of Spymaster Pro

What's This Cellphone Application All About?

This is best amongst the top parenting software, having a comprehensive range of innovative features. With this, parents can spy on their teen’s Android phone or iPhone (almost any version), and as this app operates in stealth mode, their son or daughter will never know that they are being watched over by mums and dads. The child monitoring app also comes with a dedicated customer support team to help parents at every step of monitoring their loved ones.

Features of Spymaster Pro

Call logs Monitoring

View the call logs of your child's smartphone, including incoming and outgoing contact details, date and time of the call, and most importantly the duration of the call.  As parents, on a whole, we know the friends of our teen, but if he or she in frequent conversation with a stranger, you will discover with this attribute of this parental control app. 

Check Internet History

In this digital age, young of this generation has unfettered access to the World Wide Web, and so the adult stuff can be viewed by them with ease. However, with this child monitoring software, you can check out the websites being visited from your offspring’s phone.

GPS Tracking Location

This one of those features, which can practically facilitate parents to help their son or daughter in a situation of crisis. We offer you the luxury to track your teen’s whereabouts from the comfort of your office, home, or even an alienated zone.

Whatsapp Conversations

Today, it's fair to say that chat messengers like the Whatsapp, has taken over the baton from text messages in a revolutionary way that allows everyone to have chat with anyone, anytime with spending a penny. So, your child, unknowingly, can engage in a chat with sex trafficker, but with our Whatsapp messenger tracker, you can prevent this from happening.

Facebook Conversations

You also read what your teen text over Facebook messenger, along with other attributes such as contact details of your teen's chat buddies, date and timestamps, and access to media content. 

100% Safe to Use
Spymaster Pro understands the concern of the parents over the privacy and the safety of the data obtained by this app from their teen’s phone, therefore, the company has put in an extra cushion of data encryption to prevent personal information from leaking out. And, they adhere to the ethic of not selling their customers personal information to identity brokers.

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