Online Reading – Satisfy Your Inner Bookworm

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Online Reading – Satisfy Your Inner Bookworm

We’re all too aware of the recently emerged phenomenon of not visiting bookstores as often as we were accustomed to. We’re aware of it and we’re ashamed. Since we’ve always secretly taken pride in being called names such as “nerd,” “geek,” “bookworm,” it seems almost hypocritical to let that consuming guilty-pleasure to take a hit on our priority list. Why we don’t visit the bookstore as often? The insanely busy and demanding schedule of the common man in the 21st century now rejects all ideas of leisure activities such as sending hours choosing the perfect book for yourself or driving to the bookstore to buy a book or just to window shop, amongst many other. Practicality now gets the better of us, despite of us. Technology, however, is parallel to the crazy advancing world. It has, yet again, come up with a cost-cutting and time-efficient solution for bookworms. With the right internet connection – say, Xfinity internet – you get ANY and EVERY book online. You even get foreign books that you could never find at your favorite bookstores. Let’s look at it this way: Infinite access to all literature ever created.

However, since humans are ungrateful creatures and are bound to find a loophole in every single development we make for ourselves, we found reading on our tablets and smartphones to be less gratifying than the original experience. Well, referring to perhaps the oldest saying: everything comes with its own list of pros and cons, so does the internet and the idea of online reading. While it will give you an unhindered world of access to anything related to literature and writing EVER recorded in human history, it also takes the charm of the activity of reading itself: the wooden, rustic smell of the pages, the different texture of pages, the pleasure of holding a book within your hand, reading from paper and not a bright screen, the act of turning pages and not scrolling down the screen, and sometimes reading off the paper in torchlight – which always appealed to me in an oddly satisfying way. 

Those who are overly passionate about their avid reading can all but stick to their old habits, but balancing time is the key. If you can keep up with the changing lifestyle and still keep a good book with you, reading at intervals, you may have uncovered a gold mine. But for the most of us, keeping up a bare minimum is most we can do on our best days – and instead of letting the habit of reading go completely, switching to the easier and more convenient alternative seems like the smart thing to do. What you need for this is a great internet connection – turn to Xfinity internet for lasting internet plans – and a good smartphone or a kindle that will last you a couple of hours without having to recharge, and you can read away – literally, anywhere and anytime. And the best part is, you can download any book and read it. The access online that you get of books is unbelievable: it’s like running into a huge mansion of millions and millions of books – you will never run out.

Excuse yourself from the world and tune everything out to enjoy your reading when you’re on the subway or a cab, a coffee shop or the restroom. Take out your smartphone and escape into the world of literature. Xfinity internet provides internet privileges for those who enjoy online leisure time, and for technological necessities that have become a part of our daily routines. Visit to get yourself the best and most cost-effective internet packages. Xfinity services also include other services including phone and cable TV privileges. Try Xfinity triple play and other exclusive offers today!

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