Online Tools That Will Get Your Blog To The Top

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Online Tools That Will Get Your Blog To The Top

To have a blog. Many of us frequently daydream about how great it would be to have a successful blog. You imagine yourself with a coffee and some cookies while you write your post for that day or week. The best part is that your blog is so good and you earn so much money from it that it was your only obligation for the entire week. To get back to reality from our daydreaming great blogs require a lot of work and research. Readers want the value of information for their investment of time to read your stuff so you have to be really good. It doesn`t help that there is literally thousands of blogs on any subject you can think of, so you need to figure out a way to set you out from the crowd. We have gathered a few useful tools that will get you on your way! You will get writing help online to improve your writing and some tools to better understand your audience and to enhance their experience on your blog.

GoSchedule Headline Analyzer: 

Let`s start from the beginning. A title can make or break an article so you need to make sure you have a good one that will attract readers. Here, I don`t think of those terrible click bait titles, no, I think of a genuinely intriguing title that will attract and interest readers. GoSchedule is there to help you with that, you just upload your post on it and it will give you a few helpful insights. You will get a rating on the ability to result in social shares and you will get a rating in the emotional impact of a title. The bigger the emotional impact the greater chances are that the headline will be clicked.

Writing agency: 

Writing agencies are great when you want to see how a well structured and well-researched paper looks like. You want your posts to be engaging so for example, you would have something like “writing a paper” targeted at students who struggle with their essays, the headline could lead them to an article or website that could help them like . Choose a topic you are interested in, maybe interested in blogging about and get a first-hand look at how a professional writer would do it.

Optimizely tests:

This little tool lets you test various aspects of your blog. It works on a scientific principle of A/B testing. Basically, there are two groups of people who get two versions of the same product. The most liked product should be the way to go. It is the same with your blog. Test your audience with two landing pages for example and see which one gets better results. This can be a useful guideline for the look and feel of your blog.

Google Analytics:

This should go without saying but you need to use Google Analytics. There are a lot of good tools out there similar to Google Analytics so do a bit of research maybe you find something that suits you more but Google Analytics are one of the corner stones of any good blog. It provides you with an abundance of useful information like how many visitors your blog has what posts they are clicking on the most, average time spent on your blog and many others. If you are serious about blogging you need data analyzed so you can continuously make improvements.

The Hemingway app:

Whether you are writing papers, writing articles or blog posts readability is the key. If you write sentences that are too long or too confusing your readers will quickly lose interest and move on. You need a great tool that focuses on readability to keep you in check and the Hemingway app does just that. It will highlight all sentences that are too long and you can edit them on the spot. Optimizing the flow of your text will make the article easier to read and follow. Continuous writing in this manner will lead to a loyal reader base.


No matter how good the readability is or how good is the structure of the article, after a while plain old text will become tiresome for the eyes. Same can be said about stock photos, you need to spice things up a bit with graphics and charts and Canvas gives you those options. Graphics and charts are a great little way to give the reader a break while keeping their attention focused on your blog by providing useful information in the form of a pie chart, for example. While writing a post on students who buy essays for their class you can insert a chart on what kind of students are most likely to use these online services or in which areas are “buy paper services” most used.

Digg Digg social sharing:

Social networks are a great way to share your content with the world. Digg digg is a great little tool that creates a plugin for your blog to all of your favorite social networks. Readers will be able to share your post instantly if they like it to any of their social accounts. Great way to create some positive buzz around your blog!

Sprout Socal:

We already mentioned the importance of social networks today. Now the key is to keep a balance of regular posting without being overbearing for the people who follow you. Sprout Social helps you schedule your posts across various social platforms so you can keep track and the process is automated so it will really help you with your social media presence!
As with almost all online tools, there are numerous free options and paid options. In addition to these tools mentioned here, there are countless others so you should do your homework and find the ones that suit you best. Be sure to use them so you create the best possible experience for your readers which will help you attract bigger audiences and ultimately profit!

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