Avoid Billing Shocks: Pro Tips to Manage Colocation Cost

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Avoid Billing Shocks: Pro Tips to Manage Colocation Cost

Colocation is an expansive approach that organizations get along with in order to meet their computing needs. Though they might have their own on-premises data center but colocation offers strong SLA service-level agreement between providers and users, which is more than just a handshake. When it comes to colocation, organization are highly concerned about the budget. For sure, it offers tons of benefits to your organization but also consult from experts that whether heading on with colocation is a good financial decision or not. Alongside, also keep in mind that the data security is also equally important.
So what can be the best ways to secure the data while not shaking the budget?

Managing Colocation Cost

In order to avoid any extra cost-bearing, it's important to optimize and maintain your colocation budget. Since you are heading on for the off-site data center, shutting down the on-premises data center would be no less than a lucrative option for cost cutting. Undoubtedly, cost management is the key so just check what you should look in the bills to avoid unexpected charges next time.

Large Scale Data Centers? No Ways

Fascinated by the pitch presentation, many organizations end up buying the large scale deals unnecessarily.Since dealing with the colocation is a huge responsibility to handle, IT managers are supposed to play smart.  The IT team of an organization is supposed to be skilled and efficient enough to at least have a rough idea about how much racks and servers they would require as per the organizations’ needs. Eventually, this will help the IT managers to expand the data center server-by-server. Putting all eggs in one basket isn’t a good idea so just go step by step.

Avoid Special Cooling Cost

Cooling is critical for the data center as there are plenty of servers that are to be maintained. In case you are heading for the colocation getting along with the reliable provider, there is no need to worry about the extra cooling expenses. Particularly, there is no need to go for the specialized cooling packages as there is already appropriate temperature in most of the data centers. 

Furthermore, many organizations bear heavy bills just because of an extra cooling facility that isn't even required since there is already appropriate temperature in the data center. So just avoid this huge and unnecessary expense and this idea will pay you back with lower energy bills.

Reduce Security & Power Costs

Even when the organization operate the on-premises data center, there is no less than tons it needs to face on the daily basis. Just like the server down issues, power cuts, fluctuations, consistent maintenance, security issues and all kinds of migraines etc. After moving the data center to some off-site location, reduces considerable amount of burden that’s as good as breathing a sigh of relief for an organization. When the organization gets rid of such liabilities at least for an on-site data center, it cuts huge costs. No wonder, colocation offers the amazingly effective solutions as compare to running the on-premises data center.

Ask for Complementary Services

Since the industry is getting tech-savvy as well as competitive, the providers would surely have astounding hook-ups for the potential clients. So just make sure that you at least ask the provider of what sets them apart in terms of provisions. They would definitely come up with something amazing to leave you spell-bound with.

Moreover, it’s also one of the lucrative cost cutting strategies that should be implemented by the organization. Even if you currently require the reasonable space, power and connectivity, you never know what tomorrow holds. Many reputable colocation providers offer some managed services as complementary. These might include; backup and archive, disaster recovery, cloud computing, network connectivity or even the server management. In fact, here are many well-known cynosures of this industry who offer the full suite of managed services just to complement either physical or virtual colocation facilities.


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