Important Elements for Your Ecommerce Product Pages [Complete Guide]

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Important Elements for Your Ecommerce Product Pages [Complete Guide]

The design is a most important factor in a website; it helps a user to search, explore and buy from the store and repeat this purchase process again. The product page is the only appropriate channel to convert your potential visitor into a customer; therefore the design of your product page is important and also critical. Perfectly design pages bring high sales in the business, help eCommerce owner to showcase right information at the right place.

Successful design includes correct structure, eye-catching content and trust factor. A properly structured page has all the information in the right place like product name at the top, photos in the second and product specification in the third to showcase all the information to the customer within the page. An eye-catching content refers to providing exact information which visitor is seeking in the product. Trust factors are those external elements that provide a clear picture of product and store service; generally, you can include user reviews, awards, and security in your trust factor checklist.

If you had an eCommerce website and worried about traffic, sales and ranking, then this article will help you to find out the loopholes responsible for high Cart abandoned such as such as wrong design, lack of relevant information, lengthy checkout and how you can correct it.

Product Name

The product name is the first thing your visitors want to see once they landed on a page. Keep your title descriptive and informative, so that visitors can quickly recognize about the product and its feature. By adding a brand name, color and size on your title can grab more visitor's attention. Make sure the title should not look like keyword stuffing and written with a perspective to get search ranking. 

Note: You Can add H1 Tag in your product name, because it is the most important part of the product page.

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Product Title

Your product title should match the criteria of search engine guidelines as well as suitable to real human visitors. Before creating any title, always review how people are currently searching for the product. You can also mention the brand name if you are selling as a reseller of popular brands to improve your product visibility. Make sure that your product title has one targeted, one secondary and branded keyword. 

Recommended Title Tag Example
Targeted Keywords | Compound Keywords | Brand Name 

Note: Visitors mainly attract to brand and product features. Mention brand name, color, and size in your title to catch more visitor's attention and you can also differentiate two or more similar products through their features and service. It also helps you to reduce the risk of duplicate meta title on your website.


Cybersecurity is critical and necessary for eCommerce industry. Every year many online businesses close down because of not taking proper safety measures in their organization, which leads to serious hacking attacks that left behind an enormous financial loss. 

The primary role of implementing Cybersecurity on your website is to defend your site from hacker and malware attacks and protect confidential information related to company and user. These securities also include verifying payment information to avoid any issue of fraud debt. 

Some Simple Solution to Improve Security.
  • Monitor the Transactions flow
  • Keep a strong username and password
  • Conduct a risk assignment and evaluate frequently
  • Update your eCommerce software and plugins frequently

Hacking is the most dangerous situation in every business because it steals their confidential and financial data stored on the server and create a negative impact on customer mind and leads to losing their trust and sales. If you are concerned about your website security, SSL Certificate will be a right option for your business. An SSL Certificate creates a secure bridge between your user browser and website server and all the information between user and server are kept under 256-bit certificate encryption and 2048-Bit key length. Using an SSL Certificate is important because it also helps you to gain ranking in search engine. There are different types SSL certificate available in the market, if your website is operating multiple subdomains then you should use RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate to protect unlimited sub-domain of root domains from a single certificate.

Product Image

Product images are the visual narrators of its features. Research shows that pages with a high-quality, relevant image get 94% more views. If your website is selling tangible goods, then it is recommended to use high resolution and click to zoom images. If your products are available in different colors, size, and add-ons, you can showcase different images based on these various features. Nowadays some eCommerce website offers 360 product image display for more visibility.

Product Description

There are many resellers selling iPhone at a competitive price in the market. Then why customers are buying only from selected vendors, even those vendors have bit higher price. The answer is simple; their pages have all the necessary information at the right place, which customers are seeking on the product. Most important part in the content is Product Description, Make your product description influencing with a call to action. The most efficient way to write an call to action description is to follow the rules of engaging, influence and sell. 

Before writing any product description support these important points.
  • Make you product description user oriented, write your description from user persona.
  • Mention the primary benefits and usage in a list structure and use bullets and numbers.
  • Make your content more engaging rather than only descriptive. Keep your content friendly and provide you service as an offer.

Important Elements Your Content Must Include 

Specification: To make your product description more eye-catching, add detailed technical information in the specification. Your product specification may include product size, dimension, weights, technical information, instruction manuals, etc.

Package Includes: Highlight what user will get in the box such as accessories and other parts. You can also recommend them additional accessories support with your products.

Product Videos: Product videos can improve your visitor knowledge and reduce bounce rate. Through videos, your page gets engaging audience and helps them to understand your product better. Your product video may include an introduction, usage, reviews, and opinions.

Product Video Guidelines
  • Use High Quality Video
  • Video Should Be Product Oriented
  • Video Should Be Eye-catching & Call to action

Review & Rating: Many eCommerce owners underestimate the power of reviews and rating; therefore they do not encourage their customers to share their views on the website. Rating and reviews of previous customers are one of the important factors of new customer purchase journey. 

In a survey by Nielsen - 40% customer said that they do not buy the product until they read about product and company review. The primary benefits of reviews and ratings are.

1. It improves customer trust and builds strong brand for your company.
2. It helps in ranking improvement
3. You can also display customer rating, just below your page url in Google. Learn more about schema tags.

Pricing Display

Before buying anything from your website, customers always consider the product price. Your product price may be an influencing factor but not every time because nowadays customer views more about features rather than price. You have to understand how you can display your pricing on a website that justifies customer expectation. 

Important Guidelines Related to Product Pricing Display
  • Keep your pricing simple and don't display like competitive
  • Add other trust factors such as rating, discount, payment support nearby to pricing.
  • Display complete pricing such as shipping, handling, packing etc in the product page.

Payment Support

Choosing a payment gateway may be crucial because not all payment gateway are same. Some payment gateway offers free service if your monthly transaction is few, and some payment gateway charge by monthly or yearly.

Choosing a payment gateway may be crucial because not all payment gateway are same. Some payment gateway offers free service if your monthly transaction is very few, and some payment gateway charge by monthly/yearly and some gateway charge on per sales. 

Before selecting any payment gateway ask these question.
  • How much is your monthly transaction
  • How your provider will charge.
  • What are the payment option does your country support?
  • How to contact payment gateway customer support.

Recommended Products  

Displaying recommended product is the best way to divert your visitors to another relevant product if he/she is not interested in buying the existing product. Recommended products keep your visitor engage and also reduce the risk of high bounce rate. Recommended products also best option to promote your less attractive product by displaying with a popular product.


Making your website more user-friendly helps you to generate more visitor and conversion ratio. By understanding your customer preference may help you to take an profitable decision. Always monitor the performance of your websites like visitors and sales frequently.

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