How to Boost Your Business Using Animation

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How to Boost Your Business Using Animation

In this day and age of constant movement, it can be very difficult to create a marketing campaign that connects with potential clients. However, for businesses willing to step out of the box, animations are the perfect way to get your customers enthusiastic about your services and to explain how you can fix their problems.
Rather than bombarding customers with walls of text more and more marketers are using animations as a way to present information in an entertaining way. Consumers don’t want to spend time sifting through lots of dense information. Animated videos allow viewers to sit and watch without investing too much effort.

Even the dullest subject can be given a bit of life with animation. A palette of colours, intriguing characters and catchy music can grip attention and take your target audience on a visual journey. The best part is that this journey is low investment, and your customers won’t have to do anything but watch.

Many people are visual or auditory learners, and find it much easier to remember information from videos than written content. By making use of animation explainer videos, you can take your audience through business processes in a step-by-step format. A narrator can talk the audience through your services whilst motion animations visualise what is being said.

Why Animation Will Help Your Business Grow

The key reason that animations will help your business is that they are a low investment way of communicating and entertaining your target audience. Whether you make use of whiteboard animations, explainer videos or 3D animation, you’re communicating your message in an authentic and compelling way.
For example, whiteboard animations are a great way of communicating business ideas and services whilst recording displaying keywords and pictures on the whiteboard. In this instance, whiteboards remind the viewer of the classic school whiteboard and being taught new information.

During the production process, an animation studio will draw up concept art based on your brand’s creative vision to start to present your ideas visually. This preliminary artwork will lay the foundations for the future direction of your project. For the first time, your brand message will be translated into a visual form.

The Key to Boosting Your Business Through Animation

In order to get the most of using animation to promote your business you need to pay close attention to your target audience. Ask yourself what demographic you’re looking to connect with, and what problems your services solve for that group. Your animations will land much better if they directly address your audience’s problems.

At the beginning of the production process you’ll be able to discuss your target audience with the scriptwriter and the director to help them to understand the needs of your viewers, and to tailor the style of the animation to appeal to them.

Likewise, you need to ensure that your animation is entertaining to keep the attention of your audience. Even though animation is a great medium for communicating, if your script and visual presentation ooze dullness then your clients aren’t going to be receptive to your marketing.

To capture the audience’s attention, it can be a good idea to make your animation stand out with quirky characters that parody customer problems and colourful settings. Entertaining your target audience puts you in a position where you’re providing direct value.

In producing an animation you position yourself as a content provider. By flipping the script like this you will stand out amongst business that simply try to bombard potential clients with marketing spiel.

Animation Brings Your Brand to Life

At its core, an animation is a piece of work that embodies your brand message. Animated videos are a dynamic and artistic way to connect with your target audience. Animations literally bring your ideas to life in 2D or 3D compared to static walls of text that lack warmth.
In short, a professional animation will ensure that your brand is memorable. The more memorable your brand identity is, the more potential clients will be interested in what you have to offer. By being memorable, you put your brand in a good position to stick in your target demographics mind for the long term.

The great thing about animation is that you don’t need to go overboard with a 20 minute animated film in order to make a good impression. Even a simple statement like an animated logo can put you head and shoulders above the competition.

Thinking outside the box and incorporating animations into your content marketing strategy will send the message that you are an innovator. Making use of an animated logo or a simple explainer video can help to make your marketing stand out from the crowd and get clients talking about your business.

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