5 Tips on How to Get Instant Traffic and Links for Your Blog

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5 Tips on How to Get Instant Traffic and Links for Your Blog

Have you just set up a blog but you still don’t know how to properly market it? Promoting your blog to get instant traffic is actually easy, although it does require some time and effort. But seeing the results will definitely make all the hard work worth it, especially when you get to do it right and qualitatively.An example of these qualities is Essay Lab.

Below are 5 effective tips on how to get instant traffic and links to your blog:

1. Add comments to other blogs. Adding comments to other blogs is a way of connecting with blogs and people in the same community. But you can’t just make a 3-word comment; your comments should be constructive and helpful to the blog you’re posting at. Also, these blogs in which you’re going to write comments on should be relevant to your niche or else they won’t give you the results you want. Through these comments, you will be able to build friendly relations with other bloggers who can exchange links and visit your blog as well. Through comments, viewers are also enticed to click on your hotlink so they can check your blog too. You may also opt to subscribe to ‘follow-up comments’ so you can get updated with the latest news in that blog you posted on.

2. Make use of Social Bookmarks. Another known effective way to garner instant traffic to your sites is through social bookmarking. You can do this by signing up for social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Technorati and Stumbleupon, and through there you can build a network of related links and views. These sites are known to bring in huge amount of traffic via votes, comments and reviews by the people under the same niche that you take part of. These sites also do random features every now and then, based on quality content and popularity. Social bookmarking is also a good place where you can find related blogs especially those which you cannot find in typical search results.

3. Join relevant niche communities. Third on this list of effective ways to get instant traffic and links is by joining relevant niche communities. These communities include forums and chat rooms where your topic is being discussed. Unlike social bookmarks, these communities are more updated and sometimes can even be held live. It’s easier to earn traffic through discussions since the participants in these communities go online frequently. Upon seeing your reply at a discussion, they immediately see your hotlink signature which they can click on so that they can be redirected to your site. Also, your signature doesn’t expire and stays on your posts, thus they can click on your link anytime.

4. Build profiles on social media networks. Have you heard of websites such as Facebook and Twitter? These social media networks are as well known to build good relevant traffic to your blog, so if you want to create your own circle of friends, then you might as well want to create your profile in these places. Signing up for these sites is free, and upon having your own profile you can add other users who are also interested in your niche. You can also post announcements and send messages about the latest happenings in your blog here in these sites for your friends to check out.

5. Upload a video. Lastly, you can promote your blog and earn incoming traffic by being visible. If you are capable of coming up with a simple video, then why not create a video about your blog and post it on sites such as YouTube or MySpace. This exposes your blog this time to random communities, so as people can easily find your blog.

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