5 Services That Help You Create Your Website For Free

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5 Services That Help You Create Your Website For Free

Normally it is said that nothing is free in this world. But, in the world of Internet, you will definitely find lots of amazing things for free. One of such things is writing your own Blogs! When you are a creative writer and want the world to read your writing, making blogs is the best alternative. These blogs can either be created for free or at some monthly premium. What should you choose, free or paid?

Now, by natural instinct, we are inclined towards free versions. But the main problem in that is with the flexibility. Where free blogs give you a basic platform to express your creativity, paid platforms give you much more flexibility to have full control over your website and its various widgets.

If you are a beginner, free services are much more preferred. You can then create various blogs based on your interest, for example, about makeup and cosmetics, stars and celebrities, sports, health, etc.  There are many websites which offer these services for free. And when you will be fully familiar with the platform and want to explore more, you can then upgrade to their premium versions

Best 5 Free Websites
Let’s look at the top 5 websites that are very popular for their blogs and ease of use. 


Do not confuse this with wordpress.com. Where wordpress.org allows you to create a website on their self hosted version, wordpress.com is just a hosting platform. This is the most popular platform used for blogging by millions of people around the world. Even though it is not much beginner friendly, still it is the favorite of many. Day by day, the number of hosted websites is increasing on WordPress.

Some popular celebrities like Beyoncé, Margot Robbie, etc. use WordPress. Not just the famous stars, even some leading businesses like Forbes and Variety use this platform. Using WordPress, you can create huge no. of different types of website. For example, forums, business portals, fan clubs, etc. There is just no limit to creativity with WordPress.


This is the 2nd biggest Blogging website where people can create blogs for free. And this is also the best platform for absolute beginners, who have no idea about coding or designing. Its ease of use and great User Interface allows a smooth sail for any user. It is so much easy with Blogger.com that your website will be fully live in just 10 minutes of your experimentation.

Some of the great ideas that you can explore with Blogger are your personal blogs, sports news, eCommerce platforms, or even live movie streaming website. If you want to check some great movie ideas, you can visit Bestoftheyear.in. Not just movies, you will also find top trending songs on this website, which makes another great option for your website.


If you are a beginner, it would be better to avoid this platform. Even though Weebly is one of the best platforms available. But to get a comfortable hand on this website, you need to have a little experience in managing blogs before.

It can be useful to create a website on weebly, if your site will have a fixed kind of content. Only static content is supported comfortably on weebly.com. The rigid user interface does not allow you to explore much.


Compared to Weebly, it is a lot easier. But, except blogging, there is nothing much to do on Tumblr, like any other platform. Using this, you can also create Web 2.0 websites which are extremely good for your SEO. But the best part is that even if you want to create a website with your own domain name, you can purchase directly from Tumblr itself. Or you can use their domain name and create a free website. Plus, there are no hosting charges.

Unlike Wordpress, very few celebrities use Tumblr, like Amitabh Bachchan. He uses this platform to maintain his own personal blog.


Just like Weebly, even Wix is difficult to use. Also, the upgradation from free to premium version is extremely high. So, it is totally NOT recommended for the beginners with no design knowledge whatsoever.

Wix is beneficial for those only who have some previous experience with blogs. And those who are looking for a free platform to show their talent to the world.

Conclusion and Analysis

If you are just a beginner and want to write blogs just for fun, go with WordPress or Blogger for sure. You can go with WordPress then also if you are looking for maintaining your website for a long term. Since, in that case, WordPress provided you hosting as well. And if you are good with blogs and want to create one just to showcase your talent, go with Tumblr or Weebly.


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