6 Effective Ways To Convert Your Traffic To Sales

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6 Effective Ways To Convert Your Traffic To Sales

Knowing how to convert your website’s current and future traffic to actual sales is of extreme importance otherwise your visitors will remain only visitors and won’t earn you any income. Here are a total of 6 effective ways to convert your traffic to sales.

Make your site unique

Seeing the same thing over and over again on a number of related websites won’t make your visitors pay for the products or services you’re offering. Unfortunately, differentiating your product from the rest of the market can sometimes be unattainable. In such cases it’s crucial to make your website as unique as possible. Customers are attracted to diversity and innovation. If your website is a sight to see, it will not only attract more traffic, but will convert that traffic into sales. Here’s a popular marketing trick – customers adore being offered something innovative, even if the innovation lies only in the presentation of a given product.

Use landing pages

Instead of directing traffic to your homepage or About Me page, use customized landing pages. Landing pages do wonders when it comes to analyzing statistics, demographics and partial traffic. Furthermore, they are also one of the principal ways to convert your traffic to sales. By redirecting your visitors to customized landing pages you’re offering them a simple way to reach the desired info about a product, a service or a promotion. By not using landing pages for discounts, promos and special services you’re just offering a basic About Me or homepage, which is swarming with excessive general information. A great landing page will focus solely on the features of the marketed product or service and will drive the potential customer to the decision to buy the advertised offer. In other words, it will transform the visitors into buyers, ensuring your company more sales.

Offer promotions

Offering promotions and discounts is among the most fruitful ways to generate traffic to your website or landing page. Moreover, promotions are far more likely to convert traffic into sales due to the simple fact that potential customers are always trying to benefit from the idea of paying for goods or services when believing they’re on discount. As such, you should carefully plan your promotions and consider your target audience when presenting discounts and special offers to your website’s visitors.

Engage in social media

In this modern day and age when even your grandmother is becoming tech-savvy it’s of intrinsic importance to not neglect social media and the effect it has on our society. Social media activity can generate immense amounts of traffic, whether it’s for your landing pages or your site in general. 
Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and other popular social networking websites to advertise your products or services. By spreading the word about what you have to offer you’re increasing your traffic.
On top of that, social media will also effectively increase your sales as the visitors you’ll be landing will be visiting your site with the intention to learn more about the product or service you’re advertising on your social media accounts. Of course, engaging in social media is a time-consuming process. You have to pay attention to analytics, comments, sharing, and so forth. This means that you have to rely on speedy Internet connection and up-to-date technology – smartphones, powerful computer, reliable processor, suitable office monitor, etc. Proper tech equipment is fundamental not only for constant engaging in social media, but also for carrying out every other task related to your site.

Call to action

Among the most effective ways to convert your traffic to sales is to have a strong, inspirational call to action. The best place to insert any call to action is at the end of your listings and product/ services descriptions. Call your visitors to make a purchase only after you’ve listed all of the advantages your target audience can benefit from. The call to action is imperative. Your potential buyers need a bit of a push in order to secure a sale. Neglecting the indispensable call to action means you’re simply listing your product or service’s features without telling your potential customers that they need to purchase the listed goods.

Build trust between you and your visitors

The call to action is without a doubt an efficient way to convert your traffic to sales, but building trust between you and your visitors is fundamental. Your Contact and About Me pages should offer trustworthy contents. You should never sell your e-mail subscribers list to third parties. When possible, you should always welcome any feedback and critique. Customers value trust just as much as they value the personal approach.

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