VPNFilter Malware Allows For Theft Of Website Credentials

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VPNFilter Malware Allows For Theft Of Website Credentials

In today's fast-paced digitally connected world, malware attacks are on the rise globally. There are millions of new malware variants being released every day on the internet. If an internet user is not wary of such threats, there is a high possibility that his/her computer will get infected with that malware.

Reports from Cisco's Talos intelligence team revealed that more than 500,000 router devices in at least 54 countries had been infected with the malware called VPNFilter. Router devices from popular brands like Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, MikroTik, and QNAP are said to be affected by this VPNFilter malware.

What is VPNFilter Malware?

VPNFilter malware is a type of malicious software that is specially designed by hackers to infect router devices. VPNFilter malware can render router devices inoperable. Worse, it can also collect user information passing through the infected router device. Detection and analysis of the VPNFilter malware is highly complicated as it uses strong encryption and misattributable networks.
The VPNFilter malware is also capable of performing device exploitation, and blocking network traffic. Ultimately the hacker can destroy the infected router devices with a single command.

Many of the infected routers have known vulnerabilities and are using default credentials. People who set up their home router for the first time out of the box never changed the router password or updated the firmware. Such devices could be at a higher risk of getting infected with the VPNFilter malware.

VPNFilter Malware Can Lead To Theft Of Website Credentials

If you are a website owner who is unwarily using a VPNFilter malware infected router, there is a higher chance of website credential theft.

Most people fail to add website protection and security when they initially create their website. This is a major flaw considering today’s cyber threat landscape where website attacks come from different sources, using different strategies. It is critical for you to add protection and security features to your site in order to ensure that your website is protected at all layers.

Protecting Your Website Against Hacking Attempts

Website uptime and providing your visitors with trust is a crucial factor for the success of any web-based business. If your website is hacked and your site is downor your data is compromised, the negative impact on your company and sales can be drastic. Cyber criminals target those security vulnerabilities on your website with automated bots and hack your site to get a hold of important digital files and images on your website. By adding website protection and security to your site you can prevent the cyber attacks that compromise the entire integrity of your website causing data loss, malware infections, unwanted ads, and spam emails.

An immediate preventive measure you can take to avoid the VPNFilter Malware is to simply be sure to manage/access your website from secure networks only. Stay away from connecting via an open wireless access point such as in coffee shops or public Wi-Fi hotspots. This is especially important when you are accessing your website for administrative purposes. If you are in dire need to connect to your website and if there is only an unsecured network available, make sure to use a secure proxy.

Website Security may seem impossible considering you have to:
  • Remain aware of the growing complexities of your website security infrastructure.
  • Consider budgetary requirements.
  • Have updated cyber knowledge to stay ahead of evolving threats.
Luckily there are website security solutions that can assist with this overwhelming task. Comodo cWatch Web is designed to alleviate those pain points for you. The great value of this security solution is that it not only provides a website scan to detect any security vulnerabilities but it will also fix any threats while helping to enhance the upload speed of the website – all at an extremely affordable price. With its powerful, free cloud-based malware scanning, Comodo cWatch will go beyond your expectations. Try Comodo cWatch today!

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