11 TechnologiesThat Are Inspired From Hollywood Movies

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11 TechnologiesThat Are Inspired From Hollywood Movies

Hollywood movies have been an integral part of our life. In fact, we owe a lot of technological inventions to sci-fi Hollywood movies. From Stars Wars and Terminator to Matrix and Minority Report, there are plenty of technological inventions that areinspired by Hollywood.

Based on a study by assignment writing service, we present here some of the best technologies that are inspired by Hollywood movies:

1.    Gesture-Based Navigation (Minority Report)

Minority Report has been credited with a number of technological inventions that exist today. Among the many inventions, gesture-based navigation is the most notable thing that is used in many of today’s devices.Gesture-Based Navigation has significantly eased the process of navigation and we thank Steven Spielberg for giving the concept of this technology.

2.    Hologram (Star Wars)

Star Wars is the first film to show the use ofhologram technology. The hologram technology is depicted in the famous scene where Luke and Obi-Wan are having a conversation. The use of holography is now common in our life. Today, holography is used in important events that feature rock stars, politicians, and other celebrities.

3.    Virtual Reality (The Matrix)

Virtual reality has emerged as one of the biggest game-changers in today’s technology world. Nowadays, it is a bigsource of entertainment for people who indulge in the movies and gaming. However, the concept of this technology was an inspiration from the famous movie The Matrix.
There are many tech companies that are making VR devices for the people who have an interest in gaming and cinema.The best example would be Oculus VR makes VR-enabled headsets that make it possible for the people to see things in the virtual environment.

4.    Genetic Modification (The 6th Day)

This is a Hollywood film that inspired one of the most controversial technologies that could alter the human genes. Today, this technology is playing a role in the production of crops and helps immune them from insects and bacteria. There are also instances of application of this technology on humans which has made it a debatable subject for technologists and scientists who work in essay writing service.

5.    Driverless Cars (Total Recall)

Elon Musk is not the first person to invent the idea of the driverless car. In fact, it was a brainchild of the 1990 movie “Total Recall” that first showed the concept of a self-driving car. Today, Tesla car is manufacturing self-driving cars that are based on autopilot technology.

6.    Heat Ray (War of the Worlds)

In War of the Worlds, the monster used the heat ray as his weapon to kill people. TheAmerican military was quick to adopt this technology. Currently, it is working on the project but it will not be as lethal as shown in the movie.They will use the device only for the purpose of riot controlling and the distracting the mob.

7.    Tricoder (Star Trek)

Tricorder was one of the highlights in the popular movie Star Trek. In the movie, it helped the characters check the vital signs. The concept has been realized now and there is a medical device in the market that will assist you in measuring the performance of important organs of your body. There is also a similar device that helps people detect the bacteria and germs in their foods.

8.    Cell Phone (Star Trek)

Again, the credit goes to Star Trek for this revolutionary technology that changed the way people communicate. Motorola is the pioneer of the first commercially available cell phone and its founder Martin Cooper acknowledges that the film did inspire him in the creation of the cell phone.

9.    Videophone (2001: A Space Odyssey)

Stanley Kubrick thought in 1968 that video calling will be a reality in future and he was right. In his sci-fi directorial “2001: A Space Odyssey”, he showed the use of video calling for the first time in Hollywood. Today, Skype and Google Hangouts are applications that facilitate video calling.

10.    Smart Glasses (The Terminator)

The Terminator was not only a box-office blockbuster but it also paved way for a breakthrough technology we know today as “Smart Glasses”. In the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger is seen wearing glasses that showhim visuals andinformation about his target.

After almost 30 years, Google came up with the idea of Google Glass that could do everything you can do with a computer and many other companies have also produced similar products in recent time.

11.    Laser Watch (James Bond Film Series)

Laser Watch is a common feature in all James Bond film series. The laser watch is shown as a high-end gadget in the films that help the spy damage things completely from miles away. This concept has led many companies to manufacture a watch that can incinerate things from a distance.
These are some of the technologies inspired by the famous Hollywood movies. We hope that Hollywood continues to inspire more such technologies in the future as well.

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