6 Great Features of the BMW 5 Series

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6 Great Features of the BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is synonymous with luxury, premium quality and all the technology you could require in a car. Now in its seventh generation, you can guarantee that the BMW 5 Series will never fail to deliver.

Having impressed drivers already over the decades it’s hard to see what new elements the German car manufacturer could come up with for a new generation to enjoy but as always, they have succeeded in this latest edition of the BMW 5 Series.

From new sleek lines, a lightweight engineered body and a tonne of impressive technology there is something for everyone in this new range. Just when you think it’s a car which can’t be improved on, the BMW engineers find a way.

There are so many great features to this sleek and sporty car that it’s hard to decide which ones to cover. However, with its athletic, sporty looks resembling a Gran Coupe you can be sure it won’t disappoint.

Here is our quick rundown on six of the great features of the BMW 5 Series:

 1. Dynamic air vents

The latest BMW 5 Series includes air vents behind the front wheels, which can be controlled by the driver. These, along with the extra breathers, help to make the car even more dynamic. This feature was included on the 7 Series previously.

Being able to control the air around the wheels - combined with the improved streamlining on the exterior of the body - helps to enhance the overall aerodynamics and performance of this already impressive car.

2.Lower sporty design

The latest model sits lower to the ground, improving the sporty appearance, and this change is also reflected on the inside.

The dashboard has been lowered and there is more space now as the touchscreen element has been separated to become a standalone unit rather than one built-in to the dashboard.
The driver’s seating position is also lower, adding the sporty nature of this luxury car. The overall feel created is that of driving a very athletic style car.

3. Gadgets and tech

The BMW 5 Series has some seriously cool technology installed including a touchscreen which allows gesture control. You can also decide how you want the functions to appear on the screen, much like on your smart phone.

There is a very large heads up display which is incredibly easy to see and use, and can also provide useful information including an approaching speed limit change and any navigational issues you need to be aware of.

4.Lighter and faster

Despite the fact that this latest model is packed with gadgetry the geniuses at BMW have managed to make it an impressive 100 kilos lighter than the previous version.
This is down to clever design and engineering using aluminium and specialist steel, all of which makes for a lighter, faster, sporty drive to enjoy.

5.An array of impressive engines

The 5 Series comes with a choice of two engines, both of which feature impressive technology to increase efficiency by around 10%. For the diesel fans there is the 3 litre Twin Power Turbo engine which offers 265 horsepower. There is also a petrol option with the 3 litre turbo petrol offering a whopping 340 horsepower.

6. Better steering and suspension

When it comes to steering and better driving experience, the new BMW 5 Series has all electronic steering – no hydraulics in this one. It provides a great confidence boost to the driver and offers impressive driving dynamics.

As well as the smooth steering, the suspension has been upgraded with re-engineered dampers to help absorb any impact from road bumps. There are also impressive new technologies to help adapt settings making this car as smooth a drive as you can imagine.
As a bonus extra, we couldn’t finish this article without talking about the impressive new design features. The body of this new BMW 5 Series is incredibly sleek and sporty looking, adding a new athletic dimension to this luxury car.

With the new design, and aerodynamic nature it is sure to appeal to a whole new generation of younger BMW drivers eager to impress with a sporty, modern car which still affords all the luxury and quality you’d expect from the German makers.

Whether you are an avid BMW fan or you are looking for your first luxury car, the BMW 5 Series is one that can’t fail to impress.

Whether you go for the brand new latest version with all of its sporty appeal, or opt for one of the seven generations before it, you will end up with an amazing, luxury, tech-driven car that is a delight to drive.

From the aerodynamic air vents through to the electronic steering, the new BMW 5 Series is a seriously impressive car.

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