How to Delete, Destroy, and Shred Files/Folders Using Folder Lock?

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How to Delete, Destroy, and Shred Files/Folders Using Folder Lock?

Folder Lock might sound like a name that only locks folders, files or protects them. It does not give the impression of destroying the files that you no longer need. However, it does provide the feature of file shredding where the files that are old enough and offer no interest to you can be removed from existence.

Question arises, why would anyone want to destroy his or her files? Whycan’t one simply delete them and move on? This is where most of the users are wrong or confused. The thing is, when a user on average conditions deletes a file or folders, the same file/folder moves into the recycle bin. Another myth is that when a user goes for the deletion of all files stored in recycle bin, the deleted data is no longer recoverable, wrong.

The era we are living in is too fast, advanced that has made enough tools for the hackers to even recover the data that you just deleted from the recycle bin. In short, permeant deletion from your system is not a solution. Any hacker having the basics of their profession can easily recover that data and utilize for their own gains.

Hence, file shredder maintains its importance of being the best, among the rest.

Process of shredding files is as follows:

1.    To initiate the shredding process, run Folder Lock and tap on the ‘shred files’ feature. Tap on the ‘add’ button located on the menu. This very button would give you the item options to select from. For example, options like ‘add file(s), add folder(s), and add drive would be available.

2.    In order to shred your files, drives or folders, tap on the relevant option you prefer (like drive, files, or folder) and add them to the shredding list. Finally, once you are done selecting the file or files, tap on the ‘open’ button to add file(s) to the list of shredding.

3.    Note that you will not be able to shred or add any CD/DVD system drives etc. to the list of shredding. In addition, you cannot add the protected lockers to that list as well for your very own safety.

4.    Similarly, while the process of shredding is in progress, you cannot add anything to that very list of items to be shredded

5.    Once you are done with adding files to that list, tap on the ‘shred’ button positioned at the bottom right of the screen to start the process.


Double check the shredding list to make sure youhave not added any file by mistake as once the data is shredded it may never be recovered.

In addition, know that by default, the locker files, wallets etc. will not be shredded neither would be added to the list of shredding. This happens by default when you install Folder Lock for the first time. Go to settings>shred settings>uncheck item you wish to shred or not. Tap on the ‘options’ to make the navigation process easier. Tapping on this would take you directly to the options of shredding settings.

Once the process gets started, you would have the options to either ‘pause’, ‘stop’ or resume the process completely. When the process of shredding starts, the ‘start’ button would convert into the ‘stop’ button while the ‘options’ button would convert into ‘pause’ button.
When you tap on the ‘pause’ button while shredding is done, the whole process would stop. This is useful in cases where you have multiple files to be shredded and yet you need to keep up the work with other features of Folder Lock. To resume the process, tap on the ‘shred’ button again. The ‘stop’ option would stop the entire shredding process.Once the process of shredding is complete, only the items that are not been shredded would remain part of the shredding list.

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