3 Things to Know About Research-Obsessed Consumers

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3 Things to Know About Research-Obsessed Consumers

Do you ever feel like you spend too much time searching and scouring the Internet for reviews, opinions and recommendations? If you do, you aren't alone, as most Internet users are in the same boat.

For those involved in copy-writing, content creation, or marketing, this brings an exciting new opportunity for reaching a more extensive array of new customers.


Here are three things to know about research-obsessed consumers.

1. Who are research-obsessed consumers?

Do you know someone who goes to a restaurant, books a vacation or buys a laptop without first looking up online reviews? Chances are, you don't, because it is 2018 and the vast majority of the world (those with access to the Internet) are officially research-obsessed.

"Research-obsessed" refers to someone who does research in advance to access a wealth of information before committing to purchasing or booking anything. The Internet allows us to quickly and freely access a lot of reviews and recommendations which, in turn, help to dictate a person's purchases.

2. Why are these consumers research-obsessed?

Consumers are becoming more and more obsessed because not only does it assist them in selecting the best choice from a wide array of options, but the research also actually becomes an integral part of the experience of the purchase.

Researching helps to excite a consumer, as well as to reduce any anxiety or nervousness they may have stored up about spending money or trying something new. They see the ability to obtain more in-depth knowledge beforehand benefits them in a variety of ways, such as saving time and becoming a more educated shopper.

Investing time in researching the options for a product or an experience allows consumers to have more control over their purchases and enables them to feel like they are regulating the outcome — the intended result being the most notable occurrence possible.

In other words, they want to be spending their money only on the best.

As there is so much information online, research-obsessed consumers don't see the point in not taking advantage of the resources and find that by conducting this investigation, they can decrease the chances of undergoing post-purchase bitterness.

3.  How does this relate to your content creation?

So, hopefully, by this point, you understand the profile of research-obsessed consumers, and you comprehend why they operate in such a manner. Now it is time to discern how this relates to the content your firm creates.

Quick note: If your company isn't currently creating high-quality content, then you are falling behind in your industry and should immediately search for a trusted content writer in Dubai (or wherever your business operates).

In fact, the behavior of these consumers should drastically influence the content your firm creates as you want to be generating pieces that help them to choose your product or service while they are on their researching spree. You need to be taking advantage of these opportunities to convert potential customers into paying clientele, while also ensuring that past shoppers remain interested in your offerings.

As they begin their research, they are also embarking on their purchasing journey, meaning that customer's journeys are starting a lot earlier than ever before. It is at this time — when excitement and anticipation are at a high, but when the consumers are also open to new options —  that businesses need to be unearthing unique opportunities for brand engagement.

You should always be creating content that has your ideal client in mind. However, more than just that, you should also be creating content that is useful to your ideal client. It is through this that you will be in a position to reach them, to prompt them to engage with your company, and (ultimately) to turn them into a paying customer.

It is only by having a thorough understanding of your target client that you are going to be able to produce consistently useful, entertaining, and informative content. So, knowing your audience should always be the main priority, followed by turning that knowledge into content that reaches them during their customer journey.

How is your firm approaching research-obsessed consumers? Have you changed your content creation to appeal to them? Or are you having a challenging time coming up with a strategy that works (in which case, you should certainly consider content copywriting services)?

Let's start a discussion regarding this topic in the comments below!


Hisham Wyne is an award-winning copywriter, brand consultant and content creator based in Dubai. He has over a decade's expe­rience in helping brands get their messages right. From crisp web copy and zippy brochures to in-depth company profiles and analyt­ical annual reports, Hisham makes words work for you - so you can sell better, gain visibility, and give your brand a unique voice.

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