When Nobody Is Looking! Kids Make Good Choices on Cell Phone?

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When Nobody Is Looking! Kids Make Good Choices on Cell Phone?

Many parents complain that their kids have ruined themselves with bad habits. There are other parents who have the same issues but describe them in different ways. It is true that the kids nowadays are different than the kids of the past. One huge difference is that modern children know more about the phones and the internet. They also use the latest tech devices.

However, despite all the issues, one problem is the most serious which worries all the parents. A majority of the parents do not know what their kids are doing the phones and what they do when nobody is watching them. We have created this guide for the parents to find out what the kids check on their cell phones when no one is around them.

Kids and Cell Phone

Kids and smartphones seem to be a new love story in the town. You will see most of the kids know about the smartphones, their features, how to use the, what they can do with the phones and even the most complex things as well. Their parents do not know such things but they are sure about all this. It tells a sad story and that is the kids use more phones than other people.

A study found that more than 80% kids and teens own their own cell phones. Parents buy the kids phone for entertainment and doing homework. But the things get worse when the kids spend more time on the phones and less on their studies. In front of the parents, they try to do productive things on the devices. But what behind them? It takes us to the debate of what kids do on the phones when nobody is watching them.

What Kids Do on Phone When Nobody is watching?

After a detailed research and studies, we have gathered some valuable information on what the kid’s phones when no one is watching them. They do a lot of dangerous and harmful things and some of the most done items are listed below.

•    Explicit Content

This is one of the most favorite activities of the children on the phones. In the absence of their parents and elders, kids switch to the adult content and porn websites. They watch videos and see other stuff similar to the videos. It leads to many problems which parents should know in this age.

•    Breaching Privacy

Here comes another important thing which is often ignored. When no one is around the kids, they breach their privacy on the phones with the use of the internet. They give websites and apps access to their photos, videos, private details and even share the location which compromises their data as well as safety.

•    They Do Sexting

With the use of the social media and the internet, sexting has increased manifold. Various reports and studies have found out that kids are doing sexting very often. The internet allows them to meet new people and start sexting with them. The instant messengers also help in this regard.

•    Dating Online

There is no doubt that the teens and kids of today are obsessed with the phones and the internet. When no one is near them, they find a chance to use the dangers social media and dating apps. On the dating sites, they find partners in their region. It starts and they end up dating. Things get worse after that and many teens have died due to online dating sites.

•    Take Part in Trends

When the kids know no one is watching them, they are free to use the phones and the internet. With this, they take in offensive and violent internet and online trends. They become vulnerable to the terrorists and extremists. Their safety is compromised and they could land in trouble.

•    Bully Other Teens and Kids

More than 50% kids in the USA say they have been bullied on the social media sites. A lot of teens and kids lobe bullying others. But this is very dangerous and they can face prison. It will also create problems for their parents so they should take care of their kids.


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